Hot Stone Yoga with SGE stone at Relaken

Try the only Hot Stone Yoga in the U.S.
We proudly introduce to you our SGE Hot Stone Yoga.

The heated mineral-rich stone provides Negative ions and High-Speed Infrared Rays which helps to heat your body from the inside, including internal organs and restoring your body's cells back to a healthy condition.

The yoga deep breathing helps to calm the body and mind, and helps oxygen circulate through your body. By combining SGE Stone and Yoga, your body will become complete and whole physically, mentally and spiritually.

Image of Hot Stone Yoga session
SGE (Super Growth Energy) Stone 6 major health benefit

Benefit of Hot Stone Yoga

  1. Improves blood circulation and raises your body’s metabolism
  2. Strengthens your immune system
  3. Release dermal toxins, gain healthy, vibrant skin
  4. Improved joint and muscle flexibility
  5. Refreshes your body and mind

Hot Stone Yoga $60 

One hour Hot Stone Yoga Class and Free
Spa Use (Jacuzzi & Sauna)

We will provide you a Yoga mat, Big yoga towel, bath towel , face towels, one 500cc bottled water ,bath roabs and amenities(shampoo, conditioner, body soap,  lotion,  shaver, hair dryer, hair comb, etc.).

Hot Stone Pilates Class Schedule (Torrance)

For all pilates sessions, an advanced reservation is required. Please call at (310) 212-6408

Note: No cash value. Tickets cannot be redeemed for cash. 24 hour cancellation policy applies. We are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.