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For a better tomorrow. For a better you

By responding to diversifying needs with solid strategies and reliable skills, we aim to become the leading company in the relaxation industry

Our corporate principle is "to provide reliable skills, and contribute to the recovery of mental and physical health." Relaxation is attracting much attention now- adays, due to increasingly busy lifestyles, stress, environmental pollution, etc., and it is our goal to contribute to society by answering diversifying needs with reliable skills and providing sincere services. And, we never forget to maintain our long-term per- spective when expanding our business; we place great value on providing satisfaction to our cus- tomers and business partners year after year. It is our profound hope that our company will continue to conduct businesses that bring mutual happiness and ample satisfaction to all involved. More today than yesterday. Opening new paths instead of treading along old ones. And, to always keep advancing. We at ASC Holdings will work tirelessly to become the leading company in the relaxation industry.

Best spa Relaken business concept image 1
Best spa Relaken business concept image 2
Best spa Relaken business concept image 2
ASC spa business development

We product a relaxation environment that is highly profitable and high-quality

Our greatest strength is in the business planing that creates design plans to differentiate our facility form all the rest. We promote establishment of new facilities nationwide to provide our services to as may customers as possible.


We comprehensively support effective utilization of real estate and setting up of new businesses.
Starting the complex relaxation facility business centered on bedrock bathing only requires small capital and a small space, and early recovery of initial capital is possible. And, "health" and "healing" are the keywords of this day and age. We will assemble our every know-how to narrow down the facility concept and customer target according to your needs, provide calculations of income and expenditures based on the estimated investment amount necessary, and aid in all other procedures from marketing to design and management to support the success of your business.


We enhance competitive advantage with our all-inclusive system from planning to facility establishment.
Our facility development operation offers packages of relaxation facility business with high value and earns profits from the development process. By allowing us to totally produce every step from research and planning to devising design plans and establishing the facility, you not only save money but will also be able to start your business quickly. Another bonus is that we are able to utilize the operational data of existing Relaken facilities nationwide and help you begin your business at an already competitive level.

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We handle all types of facilities, from standalones to rental spaces.
Relaken, a complex relaxation space centered on bedrock bathing. Our greatest characteristic is that we are able to flexibly handle all types of facilities. We can customize your facility anyway you like by adjusting the size of the bedrock bathing facility, lineups of body care menus and customer services offered, based on the profitability when in operation, and with consideration to the facility environment.

We also conduct extensive research so as to consider the regional and market area in order to realize the optimal facility no matter where it is located, whether it stands in a residential area, entertainment district, near a train station or on the side of the road. We take care to answer every need of our business partners such as "finding ways to utilize my property" and "revitalizing commercial facilities."


We design facilities that provide a sophisticated atmosphere offering multi-sensory relaxation to customers.
During the design stage, our design staff will create a plan that considers every detail of your premises for optimal space design. We shape out each idea with care, providing not only unique bedrock bathing facilities and diverse relaxation menus but also private-room systems and well-planned lighting and sound systems. Such a sophisticated atmosphere offering multi-sensory relaxation is the reason Relaken is blessed with so many repeat customers, many of whom are women. Relaken's know-how exploits flexible ideas of our female staff, represented by the design department where women play a central role; this is one of the many reasons we are distinguished from all the others.


We have an accumulation of abundant know-how that leads to more customers and increased revenue.
In operating a commercial facility, an on-target marketing method that enables acquisition of a constant increase in the number of customers and steady revenue is essential. We will provide strong and customized backup services to help with your management such as proposing advertising plans for the grand opening, conducting promotional activities to secure repeats, and providing communication services via the Internet.


Diverse relaxation items including our original product "Relakusui"
Together with operating complex relaxation facilities, we also provide items focused on health as well as body care goods. One such item is "Relakusui," which is sold at various Relaken facilities. This is a natural mineral water extracted from the water source of the vein of SGE stones used for bedrock baths; it contains more than 20 elements, but has a mild flavor that cannot be tasted in other water. We plan to aggressively develop products under our company brand and expand our merchandise sales performance.

ASC healing Inc - spa business management

We offer diverse services for multi-sensory relaxation

Relaken's operational concept is dis- tinction by demonstrating high quality.
Our superior services provided with com-fortable facilities, reliable skills, and thoughtful care will win the hearts of our customers.

The company features a wide-ranging menu of healing products, integrated proposals that meet requirements for both health recovery and healing. The integrated relaxation projects, which are centered on hot stone bathing facilities, can be initiated with low levels of capital and in relatively small locations, offering swift returns on initial investment. ‘Health’ and ‘Healing’ are key words for our generation. ASC Holdings concentrates on the needs of our project operators, helping them to focus in on the concept and targets of their facilities, and offering proposals that facilitate appropriate returns based on the investment made. We support projects from the marketing, design and operation angles, using the concentrated know-how our business has allowed us to attain.

Hot Stone Spa

Hot Stone Spa

Comfort and refreshment using the power of SGE stone

Hot stone bathing is a method of bathing that does not involve water, and which is currently gathering popularity in Japan as a method of relaxation. The body is stimulated to produce sweat by the infra-red effects of warmed energy stones, and the emission of waste products from the body in this way gives a significant sense of comfort. The SGE stones used by ASC Holdings are natural mineral stones from Kyushu, which are used in medical facilities due to their rare properties. Our customers have shown great enthusiasm for these stones.

Body Care

image of body care business management

Detailed menu of healing products, sold based on counseling by salesperson

Bodycare, aromatherapy treatments, etc.The bodycare services used at Relaken are the part of our relaxation service that comes directly into contact with our customers’ skin. For this reason, we take our responsibilities seriously and counsel all customers to ensure that the products we recommend are suitable for their body condition. Bodycare used to be considered merely to be about loosening up certain areas of the body, but at Relaken, we use individual rooms and a refined atmosphere to ensure that all five senses experience the healing power of our services for both mind and body.

Hot Stone Yoga

Relaken yoga3

Detox using a combination of SGE stone and yoga breathing techniques

Stone Hot-Yoga uses the movements and breathing techniques of yoga in a lesson room lined with Relaken’s own SGE stones, which bring the benefits of heat, in a special menu. Special breathing techniques enable the minerals and negative ions released from the stones to be easily absorbed into the body. The deep-breathing yoga method calms the mind, while at the same time the body is cleansed by the effect of hot stone bathing. This enables both the body and the mind to be detoxed at the same time. We expect this option to gain great popularity in the future.