Spa Lunch / Dinner Special Packages

spaRelaken + Ise Shima Restaurant Package

We offer lunch and dinner packages

Spa Lunch Package 89

60 minute SGE Hot Stone Spa(Rock Bed Bath) at spaRelaken + lunch at Ise Shima (tax included)

SpaLunch 4

Spa Dinner Package $130

60 minute SGE Hot Stone Spa(Rock Bed Bath at spaRelaken*1 + dinner at Ise Shima (tax included)


We recommend our customer to use this package for the same day. However, you can use Spa Relaken and Ise Shima restaurant on different days if you prefer. Please be careful that the lunch voucher will be expired in one month and cannot be used on January 1st and Mother's Day. If you purchase any package with a massage, please call us to make a reservation to book your massage session in advance.
NOTE: This special lunch package cannot be combined with time-sale, group discount, hotel discount, birthday discount and any other discount offers.

Call:(310) 212 6408

Please remember that massage tips are not included. ONLY tips and tax for lunch at Ise Shima are included.

Terms and conditions: The lunch voucher can be used for spa lunch at Ise Shima restaurant. The voucher includes tips for the restaurant. Not redeemable for cash. The voucher will be expired after one month from the date of issue and cannot be used on January 1st and Mother's Day.
spa Relaken certificate (for massage and hot stone spa) does not have the expiration date. Not redeemable for cash.
For your spa appointment which might include masssage and Hot Stone Spa can be made during our regular business hours.
You can redeem the lunch voucher only during Ishe Shima lunch hours(11:30 to 2:00pm. Please varify at Ishe Shima Restaurant Website).