Gan Ban Yoku – Hot Stone Spa (Super Growth Energy)

Gan Ban Yoku (Hot Stone Spa)本格ミネラル岩盤浴



SGE (Super Growth Energy) Stone 6 major health benefit
  1. May improve blood circulation and raises your body’s metabolism
  2. Helps your body expel toxins
  3. Strengthen your immune system and your body’s ability to naturally heal itself

Gan Ban Yoku (Hot Stone Spa) is a specialty of Japanese bathing culture. Essentially, it is bathing without water, simply by lying on specially selected and heated SGE stones in a sauna-like room.

High-speed infrared rays Icon Graphic

High-speed infrared rays

Infrared rays help to heat your body on the inside, including your internal organs.

How to enjoy gan ban yoku hot stone spa
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Negative Ions

Negative ions help to restore your body’s cells back to a healthy condition.They can also encourage sweat to form in small droplets.

ミネラル岩盤浴(Hot Stone Spa) $40


Super Growth Energy (SGE) Stone

Refresh yourself with the power of SGE stones. The SGE stone we use at spa Relaken is a rare natural mineral ore from the mountainous area of Kyushu, Japan, rich in 20 different minerals. The stone emits high-speed infrared rays as well as negative ions, often used in medical facilities. The basic system is simple: far-infrared effects from naturally heated mineral ores promote perspiration, enabling the body to detoxify itself for a refreshed feeling.

SGE Power 6 Main Functions

  1. 抗酸化作用(Antioxidant)
  2. 細胞賦活作用(Cell Revitalization)
  3. 消臭・防汚作用(Deodorization and Anti-fouling Effects)
  4. 熟成作用 (Maturing Effect)
  5. 活水化作用 (Water Revitalization)
  6. 鮮度保持作用 (Maintaining Freshness)
image Super Growth Energy sex major functions

SGE Power 6 Main Functions

Room Temperature 43c (109f ) Stone temperature : approximately 50c (122 f ) This carefully monitored environment, your body begin to perspire quickly.

The Stone Bed

Natural Mineral SGE stone SGE anturally sourced stone emits hight speed infrared rays as well as negative icons. The stone is rich in 20 different kinds of minerals which helps detox your body cell.

Natural mineral water "Relakusui"

Sourced from the same area as the stone, this natural spring water is ideal for replenishing your body's moisture.

You may be surprised by the amount of sweat you produce. Eventually you may notice your sweat becomes scentless and watery, and your skin will feel smoother. This is one of the major benefits of "gan ban yoku."

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