Hot Stone Yoga- FAQ

Question : What is your class room temperature?
Answer : We keep the room temperature 100°F 40% to 50% humidity.

Question : What is the difference between Hot Yoga and your Hot Stone Yoga?
Answer : Unlike other Hot Yoga , we do not employ heaters. Instead, we heat up our SGE Stone internally which makes the experience feel more natural and easier to breathe.

Question : Do I have to be flexible in order to do Yoga?
Answer : No. You do not have to be flexible in order to take our Yoga classes. We focus more on stretches and breathing rather than extreme poses. The warm room also relaxes your muscles so you can stretch further than normal and reduce risk of injuries.

Question : May I eat before the session?
Answer : We recommend you not to eat 2 hours before the session and 1hour after the session. Though you may eat a small amount of fruit if you wish.

Question : Do I have to purchase a Yoga outfit?
Answer : You can come in with comfortable clothes. Since we do yoga barefooted you do not have to bring shoes.

Question : Is Hot Stone Yoga good for losing weight?
Answer : Exercising in a heated environment with SGE stone will make you burn more calories. The yoga breathing method will decrease your stress level to maintain a healthy digestive system and avoid over eating habits due to stress. Though results may vary by each person.