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spaRelaken is now its 10th Year!

Thank you for being our customer!

With you and the community support, we are able to celebrate our 10th years in business!


10th Anniversary Specials

Massage Ticket

Now our popular massage services are also available in tickets. Along with Hot Stone Spa and Hot Stone Yoga, these tickets provide greate value. These tickets can be shared with others as well.

60 Minute Massages

60 Minute Massage
x 5 tickets = $450

60 Minute Massage
x 10 tickets = $850

90 Minute Massages

90 Minute Massage
x 5 tickets = $565

90 Minute Massage
x 10 tickets = $1070

Expirations: 5 tickets -> 6 monthes | 10 tickets -> 12 monthes

*you can share the tickets with others.

The regular price applies for additional minutes and special massages.

One more thing..

The detailed information is coming soon!