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Hydrogen drink change your body!!
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We can not live without oxygen.
But, everything gets oxidized ( old/rusted) because there is oxygen.

Nothing changes unless there is oxidation…
Rust on metal, aldehyde and acetic acid in wine, discoloration on apples, etc….
Hydroxyl radicals, which are the cause of sickness and aging, are produced simply because of the fact that there is oxygen.

Drink Hydrogen
Stop Oxidization!






Hydoroxyl radicals have the strongest oxidation effect on our bodies.
DNA, protein, lipids get damaged by oxidation. And this causes our bodies to age, resulting in things like Skine Discoloration , Wrinkles and also Disease such as Canser, Cardiac infarct, Arterial sclerosis and other serious diseases.


Hydrogen beverages for beauty & health

why hydrogen drinks for beauty & health?

Hydrogen will reach every tiny corner of the molecule. medicine and nutrition is  absorbed only in the stomach and intestines will circulate the blood throughout the body. but hydrogen will soak directly into the cell and attack active oxygen
accumulated in the cell and eject it.

1. for beautiful skin
active oxygen is one of the biggest causes of aging skin. active oxygen can get into the body in various ways. rouch skin, wrinkles and age spots are a remarkable phenomenons of active oxygen. hydrogen water unites with active oxygen in the body and discharges it outside the body.
in this way, hydrogen water protects your body and helps to prevent oxidation, or in other words aging of the skin.

Mechanisms of diet effect that can be expected. active oxygen will make lipid peroxidation that cause thick blood consistency. drinking large amounts of hydrogen water will soften the blood cells and help the cells move through the arteries more easily. it will also help metabolize the fat in the blood stream.

3. Sports
It is necessary to train and exercise the body to maintain good health. it is recommended that after muscular training or any form of exercise that you drink lots of hydrogen water or hydrogen sports drink.

4.Healthy Body

Active oxygen can cause adverse reactions in the body. lipid peroxide can cause adverse effects on everybody. hydrogen water will help prevent many different diseases in the body and in the blood vessels.

5. Liquor

hydorogen water is recommended for people who drink liquor. when alcohol is broken down in the liver, active oxygen is produced as a by-product by using a large amount of water.

the hydrogen in hydrogen water removes the active oxygen from the body efficiently at the tie of alcohol intake.


6.And Others
hydrogen water is also recommended for….


For elderly & elderly facilities

why suisso is recommended for elderly people?

the hydrogen molecules are so small that

they reach every cell in your body.
nourishment and medicine are absorbed only through the stomach and is then circulated through your body in the blood vessels, but hydrogen soaks directly into the cell itself.

therefore, hydrogen is especially effective
For elderly people when their internal organs do not function as well in comparison with younger people.


For Elderly & Elderly facilities

people with diabetes


active oxygen is produced with mitochondria in
a process to make energy by glucose. when the body produces large amounts of active oxygen, the body cannot produce enough insulin and as a result the body glucose level increases, causing diabetes.

with the hydrogen from suisso we can expect
an effect to remove active oxygen which is one of the cause of diabetes. hydrogen is

combined with active oxygen by chemical

reaction and the water is exhausted from our body which  helps with diabetes symptoms.


##note that this is only one of the causes for diabetes and other treaments are necesary.


For Elderly & Elderly facilities

people who may have arteriosclerosis

as we age the peroxidation cortex in the blood

makes blood clots when the lipid of the cell membrane oxidizes due to aging.

Hydrogen combines with oxidized substances,

which are then transformed into water and discharged from the body, and this reduces the risks of arteriosclerosis.