Hot Stone Yoga/Pilates Tickets


5tickets $ 190.00 (reg. 225.00) $38/session save $35.00!

10tickets $ 350.00 (reg. 450.00) $35/session save $100.00!

20tickets $ 600.00 (reg. 900.00) $30/session save $300.00!

30tickets $ 840.00 (reg. 1350.00) $28/session save $510.00!

Note: This product is only available and redeemable  in Torrance location.
Now if you purhcase new yoga tickets, we have new terms for the expiration date. 5 and 10 tickets are good for 6 months from the day of issue. 20 and 30 tickets are good for 12 months from the day of issue (Rev.06-05-2017).

Note: When you purchase these tickets, we issue paper tickets with id numbers. You will need to have these numbers to redeem the tickets for our services. If you would like to send them as a gift, you can choose shipping, otherwise please choose “Spa Pickup” and pick up your tickets at spaRelaken Torrance.

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S.G.E Hot Stone Yoga/Pilates Tickets

  1. No Refund
  2. 15% discount will be presented when you take the massage / treatment at a time.
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